How To Get Money From Domain Name

The digital economy in its short span of existence has overtaken many traditional businesses in terms of reach, wealth and influence. The digital economic model has revolutionized the way we live, communicate, transit from one point to another and even the way we project and plan about the future. If you take the Uber “Digital Economy” transport model for instance and compare it with the New York “Yellow Cabs” traditional transport model, your conclusion will only be left for your imagination to fathom. Same thing can also be said about Facebook, Google, Twitter, Wikipedia, as they have all drastically revolutionized the way we access information, learn new skills and understand the world around us.

There is no gain-saying the fact, that we all may not have all it takes to build the next Facebook or Google, but there is no doubt that there are million and one ways, to generate profit by taking advantage of the digital economy. One of the ways to achieve this is though domain names. Do you know that you can make profit with domain names?

If you want a simple strategy for making money with a domain name, here is one idea that 99.9 percent of domain name owners overlook.

Ways you can make profit from a domain name include, but not limited to the following:

1. Sell it: You can sell the domain name for a profit.
2. Rent it: You can rent the name or the traffic from the name to a company willing to pay for the traffic or even rent out email addresses attached to the domain name. For example, if you own the domain name <a target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow” href=””></a>, you could charge lawyers an amount for your <a href=”mailto:[email protected]”>[email protected]</a> and generate long term recurring profit and it will cost you nothing to do this.
3. Build on it: You can build a website on the domain name and profit from the traffic or the services the website renders
4. Lease it out: You can lease the domain name out to a company that wants the name and the associated traffic. A domain is like a piece of real estate, which can have different tenants, cash flow and owners.
5. Park it: When you own a domain name but don’t want to put up a website until the time is right, you can “park it” with a parking service. A parking service works with Google, Yahoo and some other parking service companies to sell advertising or clicks that take a potential customer from your domain name to an advertiser’s website. The parking service puts up a parking page on your domain and then pays you every time someone comes to your site and clicks on a link. This is a good strategy, especially for sites with lots of direct navigation traffic.

For those of you who watch the market, who watch for trends and pay attention to the new words, concepts, ideas and market changes, there is going to be a domain name out there that draws web traffic. And that leads to income.

How To Choose Domain Name

Starting an online business can be very exciting. The thought of having your own website complete with products and services, and generating your first sale, can get you excited enough to research, surf and investigate ways and means to set up your own business. The first thing that then comes to your mind is a suitable name for your website.

So, to begin with, you should have a domain name and have it registered. What Is a Domain Name?

It is an address of your website that is on the internet. It is also referred to as a URL which means Uniform Resource Locator. The domain name is the unique address to your website, and every website owner has one name that is unique to their site. The most common format is the .com but there are many other common names that end in .org, .net, .info and more.

Buying a domain name looks easy, but it is important to do some research and understand some few tips on buying one.

Use a keyword tool such as wordtracker or Google Analytics Keyword Tool for ideas
Keep it simple and easy to remember and recall
Keep short names instead of long descriptive ones
Avoid hyphenated names, if possible
Avoid weird names, spellings, and weird numbers

Shorter names are normally much better, however, sometimes a longer one can make the domain more memorable. Another thing to remember is to keep your name easy to pronounce. Domain names containing keywords applicable to your niche market will help the customer to identify what your line of business is.

List out several names that come to your mind and search for their availability from a domain name registrar who is appointed by the International Corporation For Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). Some hosting companies will also register names for you, thus saving your time and effort finding two companies. Some companies who host your domain will also offer you a free domain registration when you sign up with them.

When choosing a registrar find out about their expertise in the market. They should be established, have ease of control panel usage, and have a customer friendly support system. It would be advisable to do business with a reputed domain registration company, rather than some of those who offer super cheap domains.

With little patience, time and research you should be able to find a good domain name and hosting support system to start your own online business.

Tips To Buy Domain From Developer

Before you get a domain name, you have to put some things into consideration. Here’s what you should have in mind:

Stop thinking only “.com.” See, there are many varieties of new domain names extensions which are available. These domains also offer more precision

  • If you want site, make sure it is available and redirect it to your new domain correct name, so the risk of squatting will be behind you. Make sure you have prior right before you register a Trademark.
  • If you would like to save money, use a Retail Registrar, a Corporate Registrar if you have more money.
  • If you are in need of experts or specialized assistance and services related to domain names and Trademarks, make use of a Corporate Registrar.

Don’t purchase dozens of domain names. You can buy the one and its “.com” but don’t stop communicating with your new domain name.I’ll like to repeat, make sure you don’t use a Trademark in your domain name if it is not yours.

Make sure that the domain is registered in your name. If the domain name you want for your startup is already taken, change the name of your startup. Remember that your domain name is your online identity.

There are many TLDs (Top Level Domains) that you can get for free albeit with some restrictions.(TK CF GA GQ ML) etc., are some of these top-level domains which you can easily get. However, other TLDs like ( have their prices on different registrars. No one single registrar provides all TLDs cheapest. Therefore it is a prudent thing to compare prices between the domains before settling into purchasing any one of them.

Again, some of these registrars which even provide cheap domains have big renewal prices which are too much. It is essential to consider this as well. Some of the most inexpensive options are GoDaddy, Namecheap and Temok hosting. Temok is cheapest when talking about domain. The charge is only $6.99.

It is also ideal that you get a domain name which is related to the main keywords that your website or blog is all about. Localizing it by adding a location to the domain is often valuable. It is also outstanding to use the company name if the domain also includes the keywords. Do not leave it for long. Also, bear in mind how that domain name offers provision for paring with a domain extension. The best thing is if you can pair it with a dot com. But other domains can come in handy as well. Let them not be too different anyway, because the more different the extension is from your blog, the more difficult it is for people to remember your extension.

Below are some excellent examples of some useful domains which have been paired with business names and where their locations might be:

  • Detroitirrigation
  • Gregsonattorneys
  • Atlantacardealers
  • johnsonlawnservice
  • sportsmedicinehouston.

Benefit Having Multiple Domain Names

You may be wondering why you should consider getting a new domain name. After all, you haven’t sufficiently utilized the one you have adopted for your business. So, you may think getting a new domain name is unnecessary. For your own good, it is better not to restrain the capacity with which you can gain a lot of opportunities, especially when your business requires you to handle your customer dealings with precise professionalism. Fortunately, you may not be able to keep a watchful eye on the different activities in your business. Therefore, to ensure that you have your eyes circled around your business to monitor service efficiency, you need multiple cheap domain names to help you stand a chance of becoming successful in the digital marketing world. There are several advantages that you can get from using multiple domain names to give your business a dynamic identity. Three of these advantages are discussed below, as a way of convincing you to invest in cheap domain names for your business.

1. Business expansion

If you check out businesses that have gone multinationals today, you shouldn’t be surprised by how they achieved such an incredible feat. When people outside your locality are in desperate need of your services, going online may make the journey halfway of solving the problem. To ensure you are able to get to your clients, irrespective of their location, cheap domain names can become the best tool with which you can get to your clients easily. With multiple cheap domain names, you are able to reach out to different visitors from around the world, when they visit your website. As your business keeps growing, you should ensure that you keep seeking out more domain names that can make a lot of visitors have access to what you have to offer, in the aspect of good service delivery.

2. Improved online presence

You cannot afford to neglect the uses of the digital space, as much of your monthly profit will be determined by the strategies you employ to engage your visitors. Majority of the business transactions that are happening today are on the digital space. So, your relevance in this industry is solely by the ways you can facilitate interaction on your website. As a matter of fact, you need to pull a great number of people to your page to increase patronage. This is achievable when you have multiple domain names on various social media platforms, which can serve as links for people to visit your page.

3. Protection

It is natural for visitors to have affiliations with a brand that has become very popular. Interestingly, you can get people to prefer your product over other product or service types because of the reputation your brand has taken pains to sustain and build for many years. However, you can be double-crossed in your own market domain, especially when you fail to give your business the required protection. You wouldn’t want to fall victim to losing your brand to a competitor who may have outsmarted you by using a domain name that shares a strong affiliation with your brand. So, to avoid losing your clients to another business operator in the digital space, multiple cheap domain names may just be the solution you need to help keep your brand protected from counterfeiting.