Guide To Make Great Website

In the present times, websites have become the face of most business around the globe. The reason being the digital world that people have started living in. On an average, 98% of adults owning a smart phone spends a considerable amount of time online and whenever there is a need to search for a business type or probably any information, the smartphone or the computer comes to the rescue.

Taking advantage of such a situation, businesses are known to create websites that represents them in the digital platform while ensuring that all possible information is conveyed to the visitors and accordingly can the sales be retrieved.

When it comes to creating a website, there is the need for a good development team who would come up with a complete package right from creating trendy designs to making it a user-friendly website. While bringing along more traffic and increased sales is the motto behind a good website, here is what the developers are known to follow that gives great results.

Analyzing the trends

Website developers are not just updated on the technical aspect of creating a website but also the market trends that makes any website a success. They are known to follow leading websites and how things function. They analyse the reasons behind such a success and how they can imply the same for creating websites for their clients. They know what would be right when it comes to putting inputs for the website and that is when they come up with the perfect plan.

They customize the website

While they follow modern trends in website making, they wouldn’t imply the exact methods in the websites they create. It is something that is against the rules. By taking inspiration from them and customizing it according to your needs, website developers would ensure that you have a website that is made solely to suit your company and its products and services. This would give a sense of uniqueness while personalizing things the way you intend to portray your business to the audience.

They follow the needs of viewers

This is where artificial intelligence plays an active role where data science is known to help developers acquire information based on user data as well as the type of browsing that the masses undertake. This helps in know what the viewers look out for and that is what helps in coming up with the right type of website. Following old trends is no more the ‘in’ things to stay out of the league. Everyone follows modern trends and that is what all developers do.

Simple coding procedures

Complex coding is something that not everyone would understand. There is the need to make online browsing really simple as the masses lack patience. They do not have the time to browse through multiple pages and layers of a website and unless they find the exact thing that they are looking for, they would move on to the next relevant website. This would create trouble for the website traffic and thus isn’t a good idea to follow.

While these are the things that website developers pay attention to, you are to select someone who has the right expertise to help you with a great website.

How To Avoid 404 Not Found

That beautiful website you worked so hard on and checked 12 times for glitches before launching harbors a sleeping saboteur. For reasons unknown and mysterious, what once worked will break. And you don’t even have to be in the room.

That perfect image you finally found for your best blog post this month will, instead of the sun glinting on the sea, appear with a blank rectangle framing a question mark.

No sun. No sea. Fail.

Broken links, missing images, videos that won’t play and products you no longer offer but live on your site all have one thing in common: they drive people away from you, but first they annoy them.

One way to sooth the sting of those frustrations is to get creative with your 404 or “error, page not found” page.

Do you know what yours looks like right now? If you do, is it branded?

If yes, you get an A for effort – and there is more to do.

The goal of the page is to assuage and apologize – sort of – for something that could be your fault. They also could have typed the URL in wrong, but let’s discard our need to be right just this once. The seeker has reached an impasse and you have the chance to show them an alternative route to enlightenment. You’ll be the hero of the moment!

Here are 5 things your 404 page can do – the first two are musts.

  1. Brand the page. Write the message in the voice you use in all of your communication.
  2. Include a link to your home page or include your site’s navigation at the top
  3. Use humor because this is a situation that calls for levity people
  4. List a couple of reasons they might have landed there: A link broke, we removed the thing you were looking for, the dog ate it.
  5. Suggest they read one of your best blog posts – with image – then link to it

Here are 4 of my favorites from around the web, so you’ll get an idea of the different ways this important and often-neglected page can make a difference for your business:

    • Hubspot
      It’s branded, they have their nav bar at the top, and they own that something went wrong on their end and ask for your patience while they “put things back together.” Then they direct people to their blog, product page, and offer a link to a free demo.
    • The Onion
      If you don’t know the onion but you love satire and need a good laugh about the current state of world affairs, subscribe to their newsletter. You’ll get a sense of their sarcastic wit from their error page. So well done. And they offer a phone number for customer service on top of linking to their homepage.
    • Dave Barton
      Is a blogger and writes his like a dating ad. Sometimes just getting the message that you’ve gone somewhere in error works.
  • Amazon
    Who doesn’t like a cute dog? Sure to soothe savage searchers. What else they do well is the navigation at the top, a link to the home page, and a link to meet “the dogs of Amazon.” Who knew they had dogs but it’s a great engagement tool.

Speaking of broken links, here are two services that will detect broken links and other potential problems: Link Patrol, which is priced as a one-time fee, and Screaming Frog SEO Spider, which has a free and paid version. Those are not affiliate links and I have not used either, but I am going to go with Link Patrol because for $50 to crawl my site and update-check it every time I add something for one year, it’s a bargain.Let’s wow and love on those who seek to learn more about us and our services, not drive them mad. Things will break and servers will go down. By taking the time to be a wee bit entertaining, we are making the broken world a better place.

The Importance Color On Your Website

It’s frequently said that colour of a website design can affect a person being’s emotions and attitudes greatly. The moment we behold a colour, our eyes carry it to a component of the mind, which exerts countless signals to another associated parts that rule our mind. Adrenal glands play the significant role, by shooting signals and releasing hormones which finally leads to the mood influence and influence from the behavior.

The way the colour psychology influences conversion speed
Shade is a witty belief. If utilized in an appropriate manner, proper time, appropriate function and right viewers, it may yield outstanding results to raise the conversion rate of your site. As an example, if you’re aspiring to market some child’s stuff picking a white and black backdrop on your layout can decrease the attractiveness of your site.

Children are fond of colors; hence, for a site selling their posts must consist of colors that are eye-catching and vibrant like a dab of crimson, green and yellow. On the flip side, if you’re selling any content for girls then it’s very important to comprehend which colour would cause them to buy the products. It’s possible, for example, utilize more formal colors with a hint of playfulness inside such as white and black with a spin of purple.

This might also work the exact same for men since they want more official colors than the lively ones. The bottom line states you have to choose hues to your website design whilst bearing in mind that the demography that you need to draw.

Suggestions to improve conversion rate via the Use of colours
A few suggestions which can help you success from the development of the conversion speed are enumerated below.

1. Avoid dull colours for girls rather use vibrant colors like blue, purple and green–
There is a sociological gap between colour preferences in various age demography. In a poll, it had been clearly demonstrated that bulk of the girls favored blue as their favorite hue followed by green and purple respectively.

The colour pink may indicate femininity at an internet layout because the majority of the people today believe the colour pink for a universally-loved colour of girls but that doesn’t indicate this colour will be attractive to them all. Therefore, use other colors like blue, purple and green to revamp the visual appeal of your site which will, consequently, enhance the conversion speed.

2. Use official colors like blue, black and green for men Instead of earthy tones–
Like the institution of pink with femininity, the colors like blue, black and green are connected with maleness. If you’re selling things to guys, take care not to select shades like orange, purple or brown.

3. Cultivate the confidence of your client with blue colour–
Blue is such a color that is favoured by the majority of the folks. While moving through the background of blue colour you’ll discover that again and again this colour is regarded as the colour of confidence, devotion, and calmness. There is a wider agreement from the area that deems blue to be the sign of trustworthiness and calmness that is true.

4. The warnings utilize yellow–
The emblem for warning comes from yellow. Beginning from wet flooring to traffic signals or warning signals the color can readily be observed because of its vibrancy. Yellow induces a high degree of apprehension and so ought to be used in a small amount in order to not create the design too loud to your visitors.

5. Represent the outside and ecological products in green
The intuitiveness of green is deep and thus it’s frequently used to advertise the products linked to outside. According to the psychology of colours, it’s the isolation effect that takes place when a specific thing is focused on using a specific tint. This process works great to get a call to action and also with this purpose green is also a superb option.

6. Add black and white to a Site for luxury and value–
The inner color psychology of a person being claims that darker the tone, the further lavish is the overall look of the website. Black adds elegance and credibility to a website. It’s frequently observed that a page created in absence appears more attractive to the clients.

To the contrary, white can be a forgotten color since it’s chiefly used in the backdrop of almost any page through numerous websites nowadays use a massive number of blank space to make largeness and liberty.

A study suggests that the fact that the majority of the product evaluation is extremely dependent upon the colour was selected due to its marketing. You don’t need to crack your mind to comprehend that colour affects the conversion speed tremendously. Hence, the upshot suggests that you’re very likely to be at a win-win situation in the event the ideal colors are selected in a style.

All About Node JS

In simpler words, Node.js surpasses other available web applications by replacing the WebSockets with the extensive push technology. Wondering what is so special about it? Before this JavaScript framework came into the big picture, only the client had authority to start the communication. Now, building web applications having two-way real-time connections is absolutely easy with Node.js. Applications built using this JavaScript language allow both client and server to build communication along with exchanging important data.

Moreover, this framework leverages JavaScript that makes the process of devising customised web applications as per the business demands extremely smoother and easier. Read on and know how this JavaScript framework can bring a revolution in the web development field.

Why Is Backend Development Important?
While planning to build a software, developers need to think a lot about the backend technology. The groundwork of the development process depicting the total cost involved and how fast the team can release the software in the market depends on this backend technology.

More strong and powerful backend technology makes sure lower maintenance cost in the longer run. Reliability, scalability and speed of the software also depend on the backend technology. Hence, it is easily understandable that backend development is very crucial in the software development process.

Now, look at some of the revolutionary changes brought by Node.js in the web development field.

> Lightening Fast
Node.js allows the developers to devise highly scalable and fast network applications that have the capabilities of handling great numbers of simultaneous connections, which have high throughput. Google Chrome’s V8 virtual machine can compile as well as execute the JavaScript at the speed of lightning. More interestingly, there is a thread in Node.js that performs all kind of I/O operations in an asynchronous way making the process faster. According to experts, Node.js outperforms the PHP almost by 17% in the terms of handling HTTP requests per second.

> Lightweight
Node.js follows an event-driven architecture, which means every single call and operation is just like a series of the asynchronous callback. Due to this, unlike other popular web application development technologies, it can run on a single thread. Obviously, this process makes this JavaScript language extremely lightweight.

> Smoother Development and Better Performance
In terms of efficiency, the full-stack JavaScript is a force multiplier. The same team can efficiently handle both front-end and backend that leads to improved architecture and consistency.

Moreover, building real-time applications following an agile method is possible using this advanced JavaScript language.

Other than all the above-mentioned points, Node.js offers the freedom to creativity, abundant resources like NPM (Node Package Manager), which is a shared library of modules and tools. Additionally, web applications developed using this web development framework are more scalable.

This JavaScript framework is very popular among the startups. However, big names like Netflix, Paypal, eBay, Microsoft, Uber etc. are also using this feature-rich web development framework.