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Other Methods of Dealing with Drug Addiction

If you have ever dealt with an addict, you know what damage these drugs can cause in one’s life. It is also an eye-opener to the reality that the drugs are so good to them that they must have it no matter what. The drugs have the power to strip away their decency. They do not think highly of themselves.

It is a well-known fact that opioids are killing more people than we can cope with. They touch on more than the addicts’ lives. This sad state of affairs hits us all. We now have some of the strongest drugs ever made, and their death toll is at its highest. Things look like they may even get worse.

You shall hear propel suggesting abstinence like it was the easiest thing to do. Granted, there are cases of people who simply stopped using drugs, and that was that. Then there are those how took the long AA recovery road and were successful. But you shall hear of others who cannot cope with what abstinence does to their bodies.

They need to take a different approach to quitting. Some cases of abstinence have led to more deaths. When you abstain from taking the drugs, your body shall develop a lowered tolerance to the drug. The point is to get it to its lowest point possible. But in case you cannot hold on to the end, it will be bad. An addict will go straight back to their previous dose. The body shall have changed, enough not to cope with so much, and an overdose happens. There are so many web pages that show many people who dies of overdosing.

This is the right time to explore other method apart from abstinence. We can for instance use substitutes to these drugs, such as medical marijuana. It is also useful in other ways, like pain management and no side effects.

It however retains the power to cause a relapse, since it is a gateway drug. This may not be the best solution, but it is the least harmful to the life of the user. There are more examples out there. They should be chosen on the basis of their lesser effects on the lives of the addicts, and their better chances at weaning off an addict from their dependence on drugs.
This may be a risky option, but the risks involved are not as bad as hard drugs. If we are interested in making things better, we need to be open to the idea of other options. We need to discover more methods that work better on addicts. Those who deal with addicts quickly learn that there is no single explanation for what led them there. There is thus no single solution to it.